I may run public servers on CentOS 5.6 for a while. hat provides us
another reference what our minimum requirements can be. I'm not
interested about client requirements, but server should compile and
run on this system. I'm currently struggling to get S2_3 compile
(problems are probably common to any RedHat derivative, so we really
should fix them once I figure everything out)

And about the versions:
+ checking for autoconf >= 2.58 ... found 2.59, ok.
+ checking for autoheader >= 2.58 ... found 2.59, ok.
+ checking for automake >= 1.7 ... found 1.9.6, ok.
+ checking for aclocal >= 1.7 ... found 1.9.6, ok.
+ checking for libtoolize >= 1.4.3 ... found 1.5.22, ok.

Autoconf version is a bit disappointing, as I already had plans to
increase minimum to 2.61 in freeciv 2.5 cycle.

 Hmm... checking autoconf 2.58 -> 2.59 ChangeLog it appears that
AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR was added then. We already use that macro, so we
already require 2.59. Should also update documentation and autogen.sh
test to reflect that.

 - ML

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