Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2841 (project freeciv):

I've tried this patch out and there seems to be a problem with the logic that
biases irrigation/mining towards where roads already exist.  The bias is so
strong that autosettlers tear down forests and, worse, replant them on
farmland just because a road happens to pass through!

I commented out the road bias and the patch still doesn't quite work. 
Autosettlers are much better about irrigating tiles with resources, but still
miss some tiles (wheat, oases) while irrigating some tiles that might be
better mined (oil).

My patch ( addresses the underlying problem---the
fact that resource bonuses aren't counted when autosettler considers the
changes it can make to tiles---and seems to fix the problem of autosettlers
avoiding resource tiles.  It does nothing, however, to favor road construction
near existing improvements, nor will it build farmland near cities that can't
yet use it.


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