Follow-up Comment #3, bug #17767 (project freeciv):

A quick follow up:

I've figured out the problem with the engineers not transforming the city
center.  It seems again the culprit is again the virtual tile.  The city fails
to report that the virtual tile would serve as its city center, and so
autosettler doesn't realize that it should act as if it had irrigation,
farmland, and a minimum of one food and one shield.

Thus, autosettler again perceives any work on the city square as clobbering
its various benefits.  This is irrelevant for irrigation and road building,
but can be significant for transformation and mining.

I have a crude fix for this problem, but it involves changing the definition
of is_city_center.  Rather than comparing tile pointers, it checks if tiles
have the same x-y coordinates (and tile_virtual_new is modified to preserve
x-y coordinates).  I'm not sure if this could potentially break things,
though.  Can distinct tiles ever have matching x-y coordinates?


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