Summary: Allow autosettlers to plan for farmland
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: rriegs
            Submitted on: Wed 10 Aug 2011 05:07:51 AM GMT
                Category: ai
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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Already, autosettlers will build roads even when all they really want to do
is build a railroad.  This patch enables autosettlers to build irrigation
solely for the purpose of later building farmland.

This patch (in conjunction with https://gna.org/patch/?2840) will result in
autosettlers prioritizing the irrigation of tiles such as wheat and oases over
other improvements, as farmed wheat/oases yield a whopping 6 food for an
improvement of 3.  Looking just one step ahead (at mere irrigation) will only
notice one extra food, and thus might not result in these tiles being
irrigated until after improvements are finished elsewhere.

This patch would also have an impact if (somehow) a despotism obtains
refrigeration.  Irrigation may not provide any benefit at all for some tiles,
but farmland still will.  This effect may also be the case in alternate

TODO: It would be nice if autosettlers could think ahead for other terrain
modifications, as well.  For instance, autosettlers usually convert jungle
(1/0/0) to forest (1/2/0) instead of grassland (2/0/0) even though grassland
can ultimately be improved to 4/0/1 but forest offers no further improvement.


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