On 13 Aug, 2011, at 3:17 AM, Christian Knoke wrote:

> Freeciv 2.2.1 in Squeeze:
> 1) i cannot start a game from the command line.
> 2) The metaserver page doesn't show up, though a browser can connect to
>   http://meta.freeciv.org/metaserver.phtml at the same time.
> 3) client -t option is ignored
> all Freeciv* packages are installed.
> chris@leo:~$ freeciv-gtk2 -M 'meta.freeciv.org' -t
> /usr/share/games/freeciv/trident.tilespec
> 1: Invalid NULL default string for option default_tileset_name.
> 1: In option_str_set() (../../client/options.c, line 1393): assertion 'NULL
> != str' failed.
> 1: Did not read help texts
> 1: Can't find tileset "/usr/share/games/freeciv/trident.tilespec".
> 0: No usable default tileset found, aborting!
> chris@leo:~$ ls -l /usr/share/games/freeciv/trident.tilespec
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4753  2. Jul 2010
> -/usr/share/games/freeciv/trident.tilespec

        By some coincidence, i just happened to have set up Squeeze on an old 
machine so i could have access to the Qt stuff i can't use on my Mac.  I noted 
that Freeciv in the Debian repository is somewhat behind the times - is there 
anything we can do on our end to encourage them to step up to a more recent 
version, or are we completely at the packager's mercy here?  Hmm, let me look 
up the packager.  In any case, i will poke around and see what i can find about 
these three problems.  I've a hunch #2 might have something to do with SELinux?

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