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Hi! Long time we last heard from you.

> Hi there,
> Freeciv 2.2.1 in Squeeze:

 Uh, 2.2.1 is quite old by now. Latest bugfix release from S2_2 is
2.2.7, and also 2.3.0 from S2_3 has been released already.

> 1) i cannot start a game from the command line.


> 2) The metaserver page doesn't show up, though a browser can connect to
>   http://meta.freeciv.org/metaserver.phtml at the same time.

 I don't know, last couple of weeks I've had a lot of trouble with
freeciv.org DNS even with browsers. Occasionally
"http://meta.freeciv.org/"; has even lead me to wikia... (like
www.freeciv.org should) Also, remember that client shows only
compatible servers while browsers shows all.
And yes, due to nature of how dns information propagates, I've had no
trouble in connecting meta.freeciv.org from computer I've had remote
connection to same time as local machine has been unable to find it.

> 3) client -t option is ignored
> all Freeciv* packages are installed.
> chris@leo:~$ freeciv-gtk2 -M 'meta.freeciv.org' -t
> /usr/share/games/freeciv/trident.tilespec
> 1: Invalid NULL default string for option default_tileset_name.
> 1: In option_str_set() (../../client/options.c, line 1393): assertion 'NULL
> != str' failed.

 "-t" doesn't take filename with path, but just <tileset> part from
<tileset>.tilespec. So try with "-t trident".

 - ML

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