Follow-up Comment #3, bug #18535 (project freeciv):

> I' not sure how the experimental ruleset is used.
Personally, I'm playing a single-player game with it out of interest / to
flush out bugs in the new features. It sounds like this is more or less what
others are doing too. I don't know if anyone's running multiplayer games with

Personally, I think a change like this is fine to go in the experimental
ruleset mid-cycle, because it _is_ marked as experimental. It doesn't actually
break existing games or invalidate existing strategies. I think I'd draw the
line at changes that make it fruitless to load savegames, or changes that are
so wild and frequent that they will discourage people from usign the
experimental ruleset at all.

(Also recall that we changed the behaviour of plague significantly during
very early 2.2.x, although it wasn't in any default ruleset...)

(I'm interested in what other people think, as if I get round to fixing
RiverNative in the near future -- bug #16383 -- I'd like to know whether
people think it should go to S2_3, the major effect being on the experimental
ruleset. If some third-party non-experimental ruleset uses RiverNative, then
probably not.)


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