Follow-up Comment #5, patch #2941 (project freeciv):

A few minor points:
- while I can understand, that finding a decent sounding translation for
"space component" is hard, "napęd" fits "propulsion" much better than
"pędnik" (the later sound too much XIX century like) - (that wold i.e. give
data/helpdata.txt:1504 a really nice sound)
- I think that for ""Learned %s" a much better than "Twoi naukowcy odkryli
%s" would be "Poznano %s" - I think the whole discovered/invented problem was
why it used "Learned" in English
(though even English falls into the trap at server/techtools.c - I'm unsure
though how things like government forms should be treated)

Also, a technical/aesthetic issues:
in server/techtools.c:379 the missing space on the end makes the following
message attached to the end of the word
in server/techtools.c:349 a typo: "Treaz" should be "Teraz"


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