Follow-up Comment #6, patch #2941 (project freeciv):

Thanks for the comments :)

"Pędnik" was in the translation when I took it over and frankly, I never
crossed my mind to change it, but your comments make sense. The help section
says that "space component" is something that propels the spaceship and it has
two parts, so perhaps let's make it "space component" = "napęd rakiety",
"propulsion" = "silnik" , "fuel component" = "zbiornik paliwa". It seems
reasonable that "napęd = silnik + zbiornik paliwa", and we will have a nice
equivalent for "space component".

"Learned" is slightly problematic, but I wanted to limit the impersonal
participles constructions since there quite a lot of "sprzedano, zakupiono,
wybrano" etc. and it was getting a bit stylistically awkward. What about
"poznaliśmy"? Seems more natural in this context.

Thanks for noticing the typos. Typo hunt is a real challenge in such a big
localization :D I'll include the changes in the next revision and I'll add
them to the S2_3 too.


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