Follow-up Comment #8, bug #16383 (project freeciv):

> Cities must be on a river to build and host RiverNative units

This change in philosophy is probably the most far-fetching thing in this
patch. I think we should retain consistency here, so if such a thing is used
for RiverNative units, rules for other non-native units should be similarly
Current philosophy is to limit *building* of the units in cities without
access to native tiles, but any unit can be stored to any city (if you have
units that are capable of transporting ship to inland city, then your
technology certainly allows also keeping ship in that inland city).
*IF* we change that, what happens in respect to:
- Ship building in coastal cities (affects virtually all rulesets)
- civ1 style "channels" where ship can travel from coastal city to inland
city (affects civ1 ruleset)
- Land units (esp. infantry) in ocean cities (affects alien ruleset)
- RiverNative ships building in normal coastal city (no river)

You may read between the lines that you have to do a bit more marketing work
to sell that change to me. :-)

Of course, *building* RiverNative units in all/only correct places part
should be fixed (if it really is broken). Actually, could you tell me how it
works before this patch?


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