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Follow-up Comment #4:

Changes in new version turn out to be quite a bit more extensive, but fix
more potential bugs:
* Adjacent tiles are now checked for all operations that modify specials and
bases too.
** This is a bit slower, and the only potential bug it fixes currently is
with removal of river specials near cities with RiverNative units in edit
mode; RoadNative units aren't affected because it happens that cities always
have roads, and rivers can't be removed except by editing. However, I think
there would have been a potential bug if gen-roads made RailNative units
* When a batch of terrain changes is made in the editor (e.g., square paint
of radius X):
** The fixups (including unit movement) are carried out at the same time as
the terrain changes, not afterwards (in a random order). This increases the
chance of unit survival, but might be a bit slower for the user.
** If multiple tiles are changed land<->ocean, assign_continents() only
happens once, not once per affected tile.

(file #14093)

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