Follow-up Comment #13, bug #18612 (project freeciv):

Some comments to the code:

- please use a small function for terrain_transform_result(). There you could
check if the given terrain is valid (!= NULL). Use fc_assert_ret() for the
- ou do not need a macro for tile_change_terrain() and check_terrain_change()
as they are defined as functions.
- please check the includes (in
- the terrain should be available without your function; try tile.terrain or
tile.Terrain (see tolua_comman_a.pkg and the definition of the module Tile)
- there is no lua function to change the terrain
- (tolua_game.pkg) tile_terrain() returns a Terrain!

- please at a space after the comment signs /* comment */ or after if; for
other code style definitions please see ./doc/CodingStyle


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