Follow-up Comment #6, bug #18756 (project freeciv):

Again this is my ultimate vision, it doesn't relate to the issue (bug), but
if you understand the vision you can easily understand this issue.

You add a group option then you add units to it and with a single click
select all units of it (group). Then let's say you plan a combat, you create
the path (by pressing G) directly to the enemy unit. However, you then *need*
to split the ending of path to prevent multi-unit destruction. So you select a
unit and have it go next to the enemy (but not directly to it, because not all
unit will be ready and rested at the same time ; when they are, I'll be able
to begin the combat by again simply moving the leader to begin combat and
because the leader is now alone on a tile a popup will ask me if I'm moving
the group (if not it's only the unit) so I will click yes and all the units of
the group will attack. Optionally (as extra-long-time goal), there will be
some algorithm creating an optimized unit order.

Please refer again to the first paragraph. If this message wasn't helpful,
and rereading my other messages doesn't help, I don't know if I can make you


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