Follow-up Comment #4, bug #14264 (project freeciv):

I'm sorry, but i tend to agree with akfaew.

* A wall that is not defended by a military unit will pierced immediately by
any attacker since at least the 1400s.  Before then the art of siegecraft had
not been learned.  This is the only reason the Great Wall was effective - it
kept out simple barbarians.

* Speaking of the Great Wall, it seems like you want the benefits of the
wonder without having to spend the points *or* send any patrols to the

* There's no way an unmanned wall could confer vision, so you'd never know
when it was destroyed unless you had units nearby.  If you're going to have
units nearby you may as well have a regular fortress, right?

Now that i've said why i don't think such a wall would be very useful, i
suppose we could discuss a new type of fortress that enemies can't move into. 
I'm not sure how the game engine could accommodate that other than
implementing it as a unit with no move.  Such a unit would have a low defense
rating, no attack, and not emit a ZOC - remarkably like an Explorer.  Why not
just put an Explorer on the border?  If it is in fact a unit with vision,
there should be some sort of unit upkeep involved.  If the unit doesn't move,
how will it get from the city that builds it to the place where it will be

Otherwise it could be implemented as a type of fortress built by workers.  In
order for it to not be more beneficial than a regular fortress, it could be
done as a terrain feature that is impassable to all land units.  Air units
would ignore it, of course.  I still don't know if the game engine could allow
an attacker to target an inanimate object, however.

Alternately, it could be done as a fortress that could be occupied by
friendly troops but not others.  In that case, it is better than a regular
fortress and thus should take longer to build - or else count it as part of a
unit stack and destroy it when the occupying unit falls.  It should naturally
have a low defense rating when not occupied.


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