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DynV, you're making my case.  Once you rely upon a fixed installation, you
need to either staff the installation or have some improbably ornate method of

The Czech hedgehog and Dragon's teeth exist to slow down [not stop] vehicles.
 They have absolutely no effect on foot soldiers.  Infantry is slowed by
barbed wire, but Armor can roll right over it.  It is assumed that all these
items [and more] are part of a standard fortress in the game.  Also please
note this quote from Wikipedia regarding Dragon's teeth: "In practice, the use
of combat engineers and specialist clearance vehicles enabled them to be
disposed of relatively quickly, and they proved far less of an obstacle than
many had expected."  In summary, these things can be removed quicker than they
can be emplaced.  Their function is, as i hinted at earlier, to slow the
attacker long enough to allow the defender to get a few good shots in before
open combat ensues.  If you don't have a defending unit, all that metal and
concrete is wasted.  On a scale of one-year game turns, the few hours it takes
to turn such defenses into rubble are effectively instantaneous.

There have been specific eras when attackers have been stymied by defensive
fortifications, such as World War 1 and trench warfare.  For that reason
alone, i think there could be a role for such techniques as part of
appropriate scenarios.  However, such eras are in the minority.  There's a
reason why the Great Wall of China was allowed to fall apart.  Just a few
years after WWI, France built the Maginot Line to defend itself against
Germany.  However not only did it not help, it cost so much that France's army
was weakened as a result.


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