Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18822 (project freeciv):

I agree the scrolling minimap is useless currently.  In my mind, the best fix
would be to somehow fix scaling such that the entire world is always visible
in the space reserved for the minimap.  Failing that, the scrollbars should
accurately portray how much of the world is in view at the moment.  I do not
believe this is possible in, for example, GTK without rolling our own
scrollbars.  It now gives the false impression that i'm looking at most of the
world when i'm only seeing about a quarter of it.

Anyway, if the minimap doesn't show the whole thing, i'm not sure what the
point of it is.  I think it might be worth considering sub-pixel squares:
let's say four map squares are portrayed as a single pixel on the minimap. 
Yes, i realize that is going to present some challenges in portraying units.

As to putting the minimap in a separate tab, i don't see a benefit to it. 
One, the space currently occupied by the minimap would be wasted and i haven't
seen a mention of what could be usefully fill that space.  Two, if we have to
go to a tab, we may as well go to the main map tab...


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