Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18816 (project freeciv):

Can you explain the scenario in your screenshots more?

I can see that you stole Genetic Engineering from the Spanish, but you lost
it during the transfer ("Too bad! You made a mistake transferring the tech %s
and lost it." -- presumably you had a non-zero techlost_recv) -- which,
looking at the code, I think means that you never got it at all (despite what
the messages imply).[*]

But that tech doesn't enable or obsolete any units, and doesn't obsolete any
buildings (I see you're playing what looks like the experimental ruleset, so
it enables Genetic Lab).

So I'm not quite sure I follow what behaviour you're seeing that you don't

Also, what version was this? 2.3.0?

[*] I notice that forget_tech_transfered() is called in the techlost_recv
case, and enacts all the consequences of removing a tech from a player that
doesn't have it. I haven't worked out if that's safe.


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