I for the most part have enjoyed trying to play Freeciv as a Linux game on now three different distros from Ubuntu. My last version, 2.2.4 (I think it was) ran pretty much issue free on Ubuntu 11.04 set with the classic GNOME desktop (due to some hardware detection issues from Canonical.)

On 20.11.2011 I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 and after some major seating in issues with the version supplied by the update manager I reinstalled a new distro version from an ISO USB stick of the down load available version direct from Canonical. I may now log in with several choices of desktop which include (to name most):

    Ubuntu  (full Unity)
    Ubuntu 2D  (Unity with reduced graphic enhancements)
    Gnome Classic

I am a relative Newbie to Linux and the only packages I have installed from the CLI terminal are packages I did not find included with the distro and a few games. I don't think these should impact your game but they are :

Synaptic (package manager)

Gnome Shell ( to allow for classic GNOME desktop  )

dconf- tools  (editing )

Gnome Session Fallback

Compizconf Settings Manager ( to tweak the Unity Dash/Launcher Panel)

While using Ubuntu 11.04 I thought I had installed a version of Freeciv numbered perhaps 2.2.4 if memory serves properly. The game ran for the most part without flaw although a few times (very few actually) it would hang up when in the very late stages and the human and AI players got very big. I mean hugely immensely big to borrow in part the words of the Hitchhikers Guide.

With this latest version of Ubuntu 11.10 I find that now I have installed a Freeciv 2.2.7 version. This has a major issue with it which makes the game almost unplayable except as a test bed to try minor early on strategies.

    When going to;

    Civilization >  F6/Research > Researching   the game runs just fine.


    Civilization >  F6/Research > Goals  creates a situation

where the game may continue to play or it may not. It not only just stops but no as yet found keyboard keys or finger pad mouse choices will either get it to resume or to just exist. The only solution is for either a *Cntrl + Alt + Del* keyboard move to the log out/shut down of the whole laptop or even a finger pad mouse choice of the log out/shut down manager.

When I say the machine hangs I do indeed mean precisely that. Nothing can be done to work on the machine. One can not get off of the game page. One can not just shut the game alone down. One is stuck unless one does the mouse or keyboard shut down or (heavens forbid) a power crash shut down which is not good for the system.

Since the machine ran the software perfectly in previous releases I don't think it is a machine problem.


I am unable to find where in the directory tree the files for freeciv 2.2.7 are stored. As I stated above I am relatively new to Linux and its lack of a MS DOS like start > explore > 'directory tree' sort of function has eluded me so far. I have not found the Feeciv folders/files yet.

I notice that you have an updated version of Freeciv 3.0.0 (I think it was) available but have not found it yet for Linux. If this issue was previously addressed and worked on then I apologize for taking up your valuable time. For the record I am not the least bit upset nor at all angry with the Freeciv game or its developers. I just hope it is a short term glitch and can be fixed/repaired.

In the earlier versions I enjoyed many things and only disliked a few things about Freeciv which are now apparently fixed or were missed before. The ability to 'not save ' the game on leaving or quitting was not found before creating, I presume, a large file of patterns for old games. Some of the fog of war like options have also seemingly been improved. Thank you so much. I hope that the apparent 'cheating' of the AI players has also been reduced some as in my last previous version (Freeciv 2.2.4 ?) it was possible to almost predict to a turn where and when barbarians/pirates and even AI players. would pop up. It was almost possible to also predict just about how slim the gold treasury could be reduced to in order to almost ensure Barbarian/Pirate events. None of these were usually fatal but always just another nuisance to badger one while trying to play. The predictablity of them became an issue of apparent machine cheating. Not as bad as the famine and starvation rules when going to Democracy, but still a real pain.

Am I correct, by the way, in noticing that the rules for the AI players are quite different from those for the human players? They seem to be able to pack their cities together much closer than the minimal spacing settings chosen. They also seem to have much lesser or no maintenance requirement on units and enhanced production and research. I have already seen a rather largish island covered almost tile to tile completely with a combination of mostly settlers and a fair admixture of caravan/freight and engineer/worker units. There is no way a human player could provide food or shield productivity to maintain this carpet of units. It all seems a bit strange and not quite right.

Thank you for a quite interesting game. I hope these operation issues are corrected in the next version I find.


Lester W. Ficzeri

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