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> I'm strongly for keeping soundsets in version specific 
> directory.
OK. Makes the patch simpler...

(I suppose the proper way of avoiding users having to gratuitously re-install
add-ons for new Freeciv versions in this scenario would be to have a
file-dependent search path, so that e.g. soundsets would look in both /2.4/
and /2.3/. But our file search paths are already beyond my simple
understanding, so I'm not really in favour of even more complication.)

> Actually, if we strictly follow what was decided about 
> capability strings before 2.3, 2.4 soundsets will be 
> incompatible with 2.3 ones, just because capability string is 
> changed. Obviously that capability string change makes no 
> sense, so I think we should omit it. 
Definitely. As I thought I muttered for patch #2154, but now can't find: we
have little enough momentum getting add-on content from the community without
making creators jump through needless hoops every couple of years just to keep
their add-ons working.

> I remembered that there already is soundset category, but 
> maybe it was just something I meant to do.
Can't see it, so here's the patch.

(file #14437)

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