I've been rewriting client <-> metaserver communication to use
libcurl (via netfile.[ch]). Everything works without giving any
errors, but client shows nothing - not even latest version
information. It seems that it cannot find any values from specfile. By
saving temporary file I've confirmed that reply from metaserver is
received, and it seems correct. Only hex-editor tells me that it's
different from what was received with working setup - line endings
used to be '\r\n', now they are just \'n'. Code paths after we've got
temporary file written are not changed, so it seems that this change
in line endings is breaking things.

 In other words: secfile_from_stream(fz_from_stream()) doesn't give
any errors, but secfile_lookup_str_default(file, NULL,
"versions.latest_stable") returns NULL.

 - ML

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