Follow-up Comment #6, bug #18773 (project freeciv):

Looking at this, I want to apply the same sort of logic to the senate's
prevention of unprovoked pact breaking.

Right now, if you have the Statue of Liberty and try to break pact when you
have a senate, it lets it through anyway ("The senate refuses to break treaty
with the Eastasians, but you have no trouble finding a new senate.") If that
remains, I think it allows at least a partial variant of this exploit -- it's
a get-out-of-Democracy-free card (assuming you can find someone to repeatedly
make and break treaties with).

However, this behaviour is triggered off "Any_Government", not "No_Anarchy"
(both of which attach to the Statue of Liberty). This looks wrong; I think it
should come with "No_Anarchy", since I think the feature is for consistency
with the other aspects of that effect (no point having a senate blocking
things if you can get round it by changing government with no cost). Anyone
object to me changing that? It wouldn't change the behaviour of any of the
supplied rulesets, as they always use these two effects together.

-- jtn


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