Follow-up Comment #8, bug #18773 (project freeciv):

Looking at this further: there's currently a feature where, on the turn you
come out of revolution, you can change government freely during the same turn
-- it's not "locked in", requiring a new period of anarchy to change, until
the turn change (update_revolution() setting revolution_finished=-1).

So you can set an initial target of Democracy when going into revolution,
keep that for most of the end-of-revolution turn (unbribable units), then at
the last minute change to Communism to get its benefits.

This applies whether or not you have Statue of Liberty. Without it, you only
get to do this for one turn per revolution, so it's minor. However, if you
have SoL, you could do this every turn, so this needs plugging too to fix the

Anyone object to removing this behaviour altogether? That way, as soon as
you've chosen a non-Anarchy government at the end of a revolution, that's it
-- you'd need another revolution to change again. (But you'd still be able to
change target midway through a revolution.)


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