Update of bug #19166 (project freeciv):

                 Summary:  README.fcdb needs work => README.fcdb and
setup_auth_server.sh need work


Follow-up Comment #1:

Marko just pointed out setup_auth_server.sh, which I'd somehow missed up
until now.

Historically that has lessened the need for documentation, but it's out of
date now -- it still creates an [auth] section rather than an [fcdb] section.

It's not clear how far this script can go:
* It's MySQL-specific, and goes as far as connecting to the database server.
We now have three database backends. Should it support all of them?
** Our current database.lua only supports MySQL, mind.
* The desired shape of the table in principle depends on database.lua -- I
guess that can be hacked by server operators to e.g. add extra columns. I
suppose anyone doing this can be assumed to know what they're doing.

At a minimum, the script should continue to deliver what it presumably always
has -- a working setup with a MySQL server and the default configuration
(standard database.lua).


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