Update of bug #19385 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: inconsequent return-type => unit_is_in_focus()
returns pointer value as bool


Follow-up Comment #1:

Hm. Debatable.
I think this sort of thing -- not insisting bools only have values 0 or 1 --
is a common C idiom in some codebases; in such a context it's unwise to test
for ==TRUE, and care is needed when assigning to bitfields.
I'm not sure if we have an explicit policy on this in Freeciv.

Is VC complaining about it? What's the warning?

I'd be slightly surprised if this were the only instance of this sort of thing
in the Freeciv codebase.

(I see you've renamed the file to .cpp -- are you compiling it as C++ rather
than C? I don't know if idiom or rules differ there.)


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