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I read an interested article recently in the London Review of Books[1] about
the political debate around the time of the abolition of slavery, in
particular during the Lincoln presidency. The topic was 'what to do' with
blacks after abolition. The political (white) elite favored various
apartheid-style schemes to establish an African American independent nation to
where the black population was to be forcibly removed after abolition. The
federal government had already secured, or was working on securing, territory
in the Caribbean (Ile à Vache, off the coast of Haiti) or Latin America
(parts of Panama). Some even suggested turning Florida into a black-only

This concept apparently had limited appeal to black leaders. The vast majority
of them vehemently opposed such plans. They wished to stay in the United
States and be allowed to settle wherever they wanted.

So I guess what I wanted to get to with this little digression is that the
concept of an African American nation (independent from the United States) in
a game such as Freeciv might be controversial among black Americans

Just my $0.1 :)

(requires paid subscription to read the whole article, I'm afraid)


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