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Heh, yeah, it's a pretty complicated issue. The ironic thing is that they have
a bigger stake in keeping Belgium together than the Flemish and definitely the
Walloons. (German-speaking politicians are often called on to negotiate
between the Flemish and the Walloons) After all their current
best-protected-minority status is a pretty good deal and it's not sure what
would happen to that if Belgium were to fall apart.

There's not really an independence movement, but if Belgium were to fall apart
there's a pretty good chance the German-speaking Community will become a
separate country too. Being a minority within a (presumably non-federal)
independent Wallonia would not really be an acceptable option, even less so if
Wallonia were to join France. For understandable reasons, German irredentism
is a big no-no too.

In any case they do have a fairly strong regional identity, both because of
their history as a distrusted minority and for wanting to enjoy the same
facilities the Flemish and Walloons get.

To be honest the main reason I wanted to have a German Belgian nation is
because I really like their flag...


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