Follow-up Comment #4, bug #19447 (project freeciv):

Unfortunately this patch causes a variety of breakage on S2_3 on the client:
* Where veteran level names should be displayed for individual units
(middle-click popit and city dialog), garbage is displayed instead.
* Middle-click popit doesn't show ongoing activity (guessing because client
thinks veterancy-dependent activity rate is 0/turn?)
* Veteran chevrons not displayed on units.
* Units with less than full HP have a full-HP sprite displayed behind the
correct one. (Perhaps this is from an out-of-bounds access to the array of
veterancy sprites?)

I think this is because the client doesn't know the number of veteran levels
-- it's not formally communicated in the 2.3 network protocol. From

  u->veteran_levels = 0; /* not used in the client */

Thus every unit on the client ends up with veteran level -1.

We could:
* Conditionalise the new check on is_server().
* Roll back the check entirely on S2_3. (With luck, after the fix for bug
#19466 it should be irrelevant anyway?)

(None of this applies to S2_4 or trunk.)


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