Update of bug #19499 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: Buildings costing upkeep money not considered for
forced selling => Some buildings costing upkeep money not considered for
forced selling


Follow-up Comment #1:

> City has already sold building this turn.

Turns out that this is not limitation in list construction phase either.
can_city_sell_building() used returns whether city can ever sell building, it
does not consider if city has already sold this turn.
So at least this part of bug is invalid. It makes sense to discard rule about
selling just one building / city when selling is automatically forced for lack
of upkeep.

My claim that no money is given for forced selling (but only upkeep money
restored) turned out bogus too. This uses do_sell_building() which takes care
of paying the seller.

I wonder if we actually should force the sell only one building / city / turn
here in such a way that player is payed for max one building. Others are lost
due to lack of upkeep, so only money that would have been spent on upkeep
should be returned.

>From the reproducible bug my investigation started from it's obvious that such
an rare case can happen. Since selling first building for sensible sum of
money wasn't enough, it was trying to sell more of them (but failed to do so
as it tried with same one due to bug #19494)

So, this bug is down to question how we should handle wonders with upkeep.
Their existence can lead to negative balance, but they are not sold to get
money back. If player has no normal buildings left to sell...


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