Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18473 (project freeciv):

> The "Copying" heading in the help section is a bit 
> uninformative. When I first saw it the question was "Copying 
> what? Where from and where to?".
COPYING is the traditional name for the GPL file in GNU software
distributions, so presumably that's where the menu item name comes from.

> Thus, an easy way out is to change the "Copying" string into 
> "License" or "Copyright" to make it more informative.
I don't know if the GNU people were trying to make some philosophical point
with the "copying" word. FWIW, I can imagine "Copyright" wouldn't sit well
with them, given the "copyleft" terminology, but "License" would probably be

> On top of that the legalese was not even localized in my 
> Polish version of Freeciv.
That's deliberate -- since it's legalese, the specific words matter. There's
no official version of the GPLv2 in a language other than English, AFAIK.
(FWIW, there's a unofficial Polish translation here
<> -- found from here

> perhaps we should also add a brief summary (2-4 sentences) 
> of the GPL before the full text of the license. Such summary 
> would not be constitutive, it could be translated and it 
> would be informative for non-English speakers too.
Think we'd have to be quite careful about that. The GPL is already relatively
condensed -- I don't fancy trying to summarise it further -- and any summary
would have to clearly state that it's not legally stating the redistribution
terms (and make sure all translations included it accurately), which legalese
would bloat the summary.


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