Summary: New tech upkeep style
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After some time testing this optional rule, I have not found any way to use it
in a satisfactory way. However, I think it could become a very useful rule if
the total tech upkeep were multiplied by the number of cities of the player.

The current tech upkeep is a fixed value. For example, you can set it so the
player pays 100 science bulb per turn when he has researched all the available
technologies. The problem with such fixed values is that it is negligible for
advanced players that use to produce thousands of bulbs at that time, while
the same value could break the science production of weaker players, mainly
the AI in single player games.

I suggest to add a new "tech_upkeep_style" where the total upkeep (currently
calculated as: <Cost of technology> / tech_upkeep_divider + tech_upkeep_free)
is multiplied at the end by the number of cities of the player.
This way, the tech upkeep would affect players in the same scale than the
building upkeep. For example, if an advanced civilization (tech upkeep = 10
per city) conquers a barbarian city (no buildings, and low science production
= 5), then the new city will need no building upkeep, but the tech upkeep
makes this city worthless until you have built some science improvements and
the science production of the city can be greater than the tech upkeep of your

Such rule would allow:
1- If a player conquers a lot of cities without building science improvements,
these new cities would cost more science than they produce, and the total tech
upkeep could cause a technological collapse (lost of some techs until the
global upkeep is fit again).
This collapse can be easely avoided by waiting to develop the new cities
before you conquer new ones.
The tech upkeep would represent the max rate at which you can "romanize" other
2- The effect would not be dependant on the size of the map or the number of
players, because it is not a fixed upkeep, but a value per city.
3- The effect would affect more to the most advanced players with the most
cities, while weaker players with few cities are hardly affected.
4- This rule could be used to keep players from selling the science buildings
(libraries, etc) when they are close to finish the tech tree, because those
buildings would be needed to upkeep the current technology, specially if you
plan to conquer many poor cities in a short time.
If tech upkeep does not depend on number of cites, an advanced civilization
can easely pay it with 10% of the trade, even without libraries/universities,
while weaker civilization could not pay it.

Thanks for reading :)


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