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> NOTE: I am not a programmer.
> Is there a reason why the number of custom unittype flags are limited to 4?

Increasing the limit should be technically straightforward. Freeciv
would just (regardless of number of custom flags actually used) use a
bit more memory. I choose value "4" when originally implementing
custom flags when many people though that there should be no custom
flags at all, and we were able to convert just 1 old flag ("Airbase")
to custom flag in any of the provided rulesets.
Note that excessive use of custom flags is likely to break AI big time.

Give us some use-case. How many custom flags your ruleset would need?

> could the spaces for 'horse, fighter, aegis, pikeman, helicopter and
> airunit' be freed for use with custom types? It seems all of their bonuses
> can already be implemented via ruleset effects

I don't think so. 1) There's no effects that do what those bonuses do
2) They require certain kind of defender (in addition to attacker).
While effect requirement lists are being checked, unit type
requirements are checked from attacker

 - ML

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