Update of bug #19825 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.0,2.5.0            


Follow-up Comment #2:

I think this has been exposed by bug #18192.

In the edit dialog, for the Tile tab, the editor tries to display a table of
which players can see the tile ("Vision", OPID_TILE_VISION), so it's trying to
look at every player's tile_known. But in bug #18192, those got replaced by a
dummy for non-client players.
Quite why the editor thinks it can know this as a client I'm not sure; I don't
think there's any situation, even global observer, where the server keeps the
client up-to-date on *everyone's* vision.

This is an extreme case of a general approach in the editor of letting you see
/ attempt to interact with other players' stuff (e.g., player properties such
as gold, city properties such as food stock), where it displays values but
they're just dummy values such as 0, because the client doesn't know the real
values. If you try to change them, they just mutely stay red when you hit

I suppose the editor can't very well track what it's "supposed" to know -- the
server mostly doesn't explicitly tell the client "I'm withholding field X from
you", and where it does (SHORT_INFO), the client doesn't make a note of this.
Having the editor try to second-guess which fields are valid from the client
side would probably be fragile.

However, back to this case, it would probably be reasonable for the editor to
realise it will never get vision data for more than at most the current
player, and change its UI accordingly.


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