Update of bug #19825 (project freeciv):

                Severity:              3 - Normal => 5 - Blocker            


Follow-up Comment #4:

> However, back to this case, it would probably be reasonable for
> the editor to realise it will never get vision data for more
> than at most the current player, and change its UI accordingly.

I want consistent policy over these issues instead of deciding separately for

I think our options are:
1) Rework the UI to match the fact that you don't know other player's stuff.
Make it impossible to edit other players -> require one to 'take' player they
want to edit.
2) Send all required information in edit mode (including completele refresh
when entering or leaving edit mode)

There's one thing I would miss from current editor if we go by (1): ability to
place enemy units/cities relative to my own units position, often to place
enemy has not even mapped anywhere near (guessing correct location as the
enemy would be pain)

(2) is probably more painful to maintain as we add new fields to send at some
situations, but not on others etc. Also takes more memory in client side as it
needs to be prepared to get information about all players (reverting bug


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