20/06/2012 02:05, sgrìobh Jacob Nevins:
Whew, I unleashed something here. Jos has found this discussion, but it
ought to have been on -dev as well as -i18n, so that other nation
contributors have a chance to join in.
I'll cc dev but not sure if I'm signed up...
I'm definitely not for permanently throwing away the hard work of Jos,
Andrzej et al, by deleting nations outright, chopping down legends etc.
I think deletion has clearly turned out to be a lead balloon, perhaps we should drop it from the debates?
At most, IMO, some of the existing content gets moved into some kind of
expansion pack which there's no obligation to translate, but whose
continued existence is otherwise accommodated.
You've actually given me an idea there. If such a thing as an expansion pack could be done (which, incidentally, we might also want to consider for those map editing aspects, I like the game and I play but I'm unlikely to ever build a map, if that could be separated out, that would help make stuff more manageable), then we could go with very short explanations in core and the extended ones via an expansion. That way we wouldn't lose anything.
  * More, finer-grained nation groups, and maybe subgroups ("Europe/Baltic").
  * More sophisticated UI for selecting nation groups. Being able to
  * Make more use of the interrelationships embedded in the nations.
  * Geographic selection: pick nations from a world map. Maybe augmented
I think those are interesting development ideas but nothing really that helps us around the length issue of the nations (for translators).
nation material from everything else and present two pot-files, and
document that translation of the nations.pot is strictly optional, to
encourage new locales.
If we go with the above (sorry, slow brain) approach of a short set and a long set, would it be hard to code to have the long set appear via some sort of Expand button?
re links to Wikipedia: These will probably rot due to wiki notability
fads over the years, and need maintenance :(
We could host the extended nation legends on Wikia...
re "imaginary" nations: These are popular. I agree with Daniel; I don't
think we should get rid of them.
Ok ok I get it :)))


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