Michael Bauer writes:
> 20/06/2012 02:05, sgrìobh Jacob Nevins:
>> At most, IMO, some of the existing content gets moved into some kind of
>> expansion pack which there's no obligation to translate, but whose
>> continued existence is otherwise accommodated.
> You've actually given me an idea there. If such a thing as an
> expansion pack could be done [...], then we
> could go with very short explanations in core and the extended ones
> via an expansion. That way we wouldn't lose anything.

I'm trying to avoid solutions that involve having more than one copy of
an individual nation file in existence... if we have two
spanish.rulesets, they're bound to get annoyingly out of sync (compare
the civ1/civ2 specials, which I recently harmonised the strings of as
much as possible to avoid gratuitous strings differences for

> (which, incidentally, we might also
> want to consider for those map editing aspects, I like the game and
> I play but I'm unlikely to ever build a map, if that could be
> separated out, that would help make stuff more manageable)

I don't think the existence of the editor gets in the way much as a
player if you don't invoke it, so I assume you mean the strings are
getting in your way as a translator.

The thing about the editor is that it's much easier to implement and
keep up to date as part of the client than as a separate program,
because it can share lots of the same functionality used when playing.
(There was once a separate editor program, civworld, so things have
moved in the other direction.)
So unlike the nationsets, there's no realistic prospect of it becoming
separate again.

Are the extra strings from the editor that onerous?

>>   * More, finer-grained nation groups, and maybe subgroups ("Europe/Baltic").
>> [...]
>>   * More sophisticated UI for selecting nation groups. Being able to
>> [...]
>>   * Make more use of the interrelationships embedded in the nations.
>> [...]
>>   * Geographic selection: pick nations from a world map. Maybe augmented
>> [...]
> I think those are interesting development ideas but nothing really
> that helps us around the length issue of the nations (for
> translators).

Indeed not. See my other proposal for a deal that is perhaps more good
for you.

> If we go with the above (sorry, slow brain) approach of a short set
> and a long set, would it be hard to code to have the long set appear
> via some sort of Expand button?

See other post for long-term proposal in that vein. Basically: it's
possible to implement this, yes.

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