Summary: Help: not enough info on unit veteran levels
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            Submitted on: Sun Jun 24 19:55:08 2012
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The online help doesn't give much information about veteran levels, either the
ruleset-wide defaults or unit-specific systems.

There's no information about the numeric benefits each level provides, or even
on the names or numbers of levels -- so if it's not immediately obvious to the
player whether "journeyman" is better than "working man", they've got nowhere
to check.

This is a longstanding deficiency, but if patch #2346 leads to more variety in
veteran levels, then it could get more noticeable in 2.4.x.

The simplest way to present the data is in tabular form, which means another
nasty fixed-width table, but I can't think of a sensible alternative.

It would be good to distinguish "default" and "custom" veteran systems, and
only include tables for the latter in individual unit help, putting the former
somewhere generic (say, in the "Units" help topic), to avoid duplication and
make it clear to the player which units were "special". Helpfully, the S2_4
network protocol does allow the client to distinguish these cases without
guesswork. I don't think S2_3 would, though, so I don't suggest trying to fix
this there.

* Currently, not all data is available to the client -- raise_chance and
work_raise_chance are not sent. Fixing this would require changing the network
protocol. (Obviously this can be done for S2_4 with capabilities.)
* I'm a bit uncertain of what the rules should be for workers (alluded to in
bug #19818); that would need deciding before it's documented, of course.

(For completeness, some other tickets related to veteran help; I don't think
they are necessarily tangled up with this, though:
* bug #17679: could avoid talking about veterancy for units that only have one
* patch #3137: on trunk, Barracks etc can promote to any level; should
document this)


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