Update of bug #19851 (project freeciv):

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         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.0,2.5.0            


Follow-up Comment #1:

* Add generated tables of veteran levels to help showing name, power_fact,
** For default veteran system, this is in the "Units" header section, after
the paragraph explaining veterancy.
*** (To avoid trouble when no ruleset loaded, added the possibility of
generated sections emitting no data.)
** For unit-type-specific veteran systems, appears in the unit's help.
* Help more carefully tracks whether the ruleset has useful veteran levels
(i.e. more than one). In rulesets with no veteran levels, it avoids mentioning
veterancy at all (per bug #17679).
* Specific text about what power_factor does for this unit
** But only for veteran systems where that varies; handles a veteran system
that only adds movement points.
* At last, got rid of the hardcoded Barracks/Port Facility/Airport help text
(cf bug #17679).
** Unfortunately not replaced with anything very useful; describing what can
make a unit veteran is Hard.
** Also, since the client doesn't have the raise chances, we can't use them (a
ruleset could have zero raise chances, so we can't safely say "may be promoted
after combat" etc).

(file #16297, file #16298)

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