On Sat, 2012-06-30 at 16:51 +0200, Jacob Nevins wrote:
> Update of patch #3004 (project freeciv):
>                  Summary: increase max number of nations to 512 => increase
> max number of players to 512


increasing players to 512 !!!
why not 2 exp 16(65536) ?

my position is, the bandwith can not used more than 4 players.
and serializing the players identifier number to more than a byte
is a serious, like very crazy decicion.

are you sure you are understanding what you are doing ?

provide bandwidth analysis that allow such deep design

bandwith is saturated at turn done,
in real game, players are using end of turn move extensively,
and a lesser degree, start of turn.

in the two seconds centered on end of turn,
the protocol should be maximize to reduce size of packets.
player should provide the servr with maximum bandwitdh,
which is not latency of the connection.
how many messages can be sent and received before the server
can not respond correctly, for example in wrong turn since it was to
nation brake the byte size but is not critical, since it is not sent
with every request.

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