Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3004 (project freeciv):

There was email to directly to freeciv-dev mailing list (please add comments
to bug/patch tickets in in the future, so they are not lost)
condemning the idea of increasing max players because of the bandwidth
requirements at turn change.

I don't think *that* to be valid argument against increasing *max supported*
player number. If such a high max is too much for your usage, you can use set
maxplayers server setting to lower value and there won't suddenly be 512
players on your server. Original request for increasing maximum player count
come from longturn people, and in their usage turn change taking longish time
is not a problem, and it's not like all the 512 players would be connected at
the time of turn change to use the bandwidth.

I still have not calculated any estimates how much server memory late game in
such a 512 player game would take, but it's very high. Some memory
requirements grow exponentially when number of players grow, and usage of ~1GB
has been reported in games with ~100 players.


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