Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3366 (project freeciv):

Thank you cazfi.

I was also unsure about the name. I'd like it to include somehow the name
"civ3" because people who played civ3 are going to find the gameplay with this
ruleset very similar.
The ruleset seems also similar to c-evo, a civ clone that I recently

The main objective was to create a ruleset where there are no so big
disadvantage if you do not play optimally. This way, rookies, AIs, and
experienced players, are more even to each other, and it is more likely to get
a balanced game, either single- or multi- player.
I think new comers that do not enjoy freeciv because they find the AI too
hard, they could enjoy this ruleset. And at the same time, I believe AI can
play this ruleset good enough to be a challenge for experienced players
(mostly tested over freeciv v2.3).

I tried to keep updated the help texts, but my english is not good, I'd thank
if some english speaker could revise them.
The README tries to be a comprehensive list of every change, compared to
default ruleset.


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