Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3361 (project freeciv):

I've been thinking for a while that I'd like some sort of markup language for
the help system. It's a big project, though.

My initial thoughts on requirements:
* Deliberately simple. Not HTML+CSS, I don't want Freeciv dependent on
something that heavyweight, and it's overkill for us.
** If there's an existing deliberately-simple markup that's about the right
shape, we can use it, but I suspect we'll end up inventing our own.
* Supports simple formatting (bold, italic, headings)
* Supports hyperlinks
** Both within the help system ("see the section on Terrain") and external.
Latter is easier.
* Some way of including some kinds of images
** For instance, the help on cities could really use a city map. Ideally it
would be rendered on the fly with the current tileset, but it's hard to see
how to do that in a ruleset-independent way, so it'll probably have to be a
* (Simple) tables
* GUI-independent (drives simplicity requirement -- capabilities need to be
subset of intersection of what's easily achievable with all current and likely
** Should be renderable to cheesy ASCII fallback, giving output not too far
from what we have now, so we don't have to upgrade every client at once (or
ever, so we're not restricted by for example what's easy to implement in Xaw
or SDL)


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