Summary: Too easy to lose boats when city lost to migration?
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Wed Jul 11 02:02:15 2012
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I just moved a boat into a size 1 city, using all its movement points, and
then the next turn, the city was disbanded due to migration. I lost the boat!
* This unit has no moves left.
* This unit has no moves left.
* When Salzburg was disbanded your Ironclad could not get out, and it was
therefore lost.

I felt rather aggrieved by this (it was elite), but I'm not sure if I should
just take it.

If so, the messages need clearing up -- the "no moves left" message appears
twice because unit_move_handling() is called for every adjacent ocean tile
(here there were two) and emits this each time. The message doesn't make sense
when it's not a user's direct action that caused the move.

But perhaps we should have an "emergency" mode for unit_move_handling()
ignoring moves left and other things like ZOC, unitwaittime, etc that I think
the current code falls foul of.

Or we could just use bounce_unit(), or do something like
bounce_units_on_terrain_change() does. (Perhaps all these special cases should
be unified?)

While I suspect remove_city() hasn't changed forever, I guess the
forced-city-disband situation is new with migration -- previously, I think the
only time a city could disappear with units still in it would be
build-settler-at-size-1, where the player could be expected to plan for this?


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