Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19921 (project freeciv):


Adding 'gdk_window_process_updates(gtk_widget_get_window(map_canvas), FALSE);'
in void flush_dirty(void) seems to get the desired effect (that is IIUC what
the desired effect is), but there's a tiny catch.

In my save I've got a combined airbase/fortress with one guerrilla unit and a
few engineers. If I select the guerrilla and move it a bit around the base
(lots of railroads around), I'm getting a sort of reverse deja vu as I move
the unit back to the base. That is the unit gets drawn in the base while it's
still moving there.

It would seem that this is not the problem in this particular client, but in
common client code.

BTW, why does it seem that on an isohex map when moving in cardinal directions
(N/S/E/W), N/S moves seem far slower than E/W ?


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