Follow-up Comment #10, patch #2265 (project freeciv):

Another one for the half-baked ideas bucket (let's create a new ticket if this
takes off).

Currently you can't add to someone else's city with Settlers etc, even if
you're allies. But what if you could, and the nationality of the new citizen
was that of the unit? Could be an interesting peacetime dynamic -- receiver
immediately gets the benefit of an extra citizen, but donor gets reduced
incite cost, increased migration chance (etc) should relations between the
nations change.

Not sure if receiver should get a say in whether these extra citizens are
foisted on their cities.
* If not, perhaps it's too open to abuse (although there could be an effect to
allow this, so certain government types allow this kind of immigration).
* If so, would need some way of asking permission from the receiver, which
would be tricky UI-wise as pop-ups are already problematic, and we don't want
donors abusing such pop-ups maliciously during a time-critical situation.


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