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Follow-up Comment #7:

Good grief, that was hard work.

* plrcolormode=PLR_ORDER and small numbers of players (up to about 10),
including default settings, gets good, simple colours with nothing that should
clash with terrain etc.
* After that colours get progressively more questionable (especially after
about 25), but all should be reasonably visible and most are distinguishable
from each other (so plrcolormode=PLR_RANDOM with small numbers of players
mostly doesn't give terrible results).
* Tested mainly with Amplio2, but briefly trialled on the other supplied
tilesets to check it's not disastrous for them.
** (Not all colours will be ideal with unusual third-party tilesets like
Stratege and Chess, but there's nothing to be done about that.)
* Checked mapimg sanity too (with already-submitted terrain colours from patch
* multiplayer ruleset number of teams increased from 25 to 32 and renamed to
match colours (for plrcolormode=TEAM_ORDER).
** I tried to use existing names where possible, but there are 16 new colour
strings (and 9 removed), plus an apologetic TRANS comment.

(file #16223, file #16224)

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