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Follow-up Comment #4:

> Flag with a Celtic spiral from Wikimedia Commons.
Can you be more specific, for attribution purposes? (It looks like this one

Since we want this in 2.4.0-beta1 in less than a week, I've taken it upon
myself to do some cleanup. If no-one else grabs this ticket, I'll push it
* celtic.ruleset:
** Government "Tribal" changed to "Despotism"
** Referenced nations corrected
** Legend text cleaned up grammatically
** Reformat, Unix line endings, tabs.
* celtic.svg: rescaled the spiral device to be roughly proportional (by eye),
unnecessary non-isotropic scaling being a pet hate of mine.
** Patch still contains a FIXME for attribution. If I don't hear back about
that, I'll redraw it myself from scratch using the SVG at above link, but I'd
rather not have to.

Also attached the patch I would commit for this (sans PNGs). This does *not*
include adding Celtic to the "Core" nation group for patch #3432 -- that'll
have to be done elsewhere (e.g. under that ticket).

(For the record, other nations we have with this sort of triskelion flag
design are Belgic, Briton, Gaul, and Helvetii. The colours don't clash for any
of them.)

Now we have a proper Celtic nation, consideration should be given to whether
the Celtic nation in data/civ2/nations.ruleset should be updated to match --
currently it's based on our Britons.

(file #16313, file #16314, file #16315)

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