Follow-up Comment #1, bug #20029 (project freeciv):

I have seen a custom icon for migrants in other rulesets (named u.refugee as
you say), for example the ones used in Longturn, and that is the main reason I
included them in civ2civ3.
About Geoengineers, I don't think it is worth to create a new icon/graphic.
They are equal to engineers, but with terrain transformations enabled.

I think it is important for civ2civ3 rules to keep these major transformations
disabled until the end of the technology tree. However, this "Geoengineer"
unit would not be needed if it were possible to dissable the major terrain
Transformations until certain tech is researched.
Do you know any alternative way (other than to create a new unit with flag
"Transform"), or do you think it could be easy to implement such feature (in a
similar way than you did with irrigations)?


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