Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20029 (project freeciv):

> do you think it could be easy to implement such feature (in a
> similar way than you did with irrigations)?

In the past I have considered implementing tech flag similar to Bridge
Building for enabling tranformation that way (not tied to specific unit (as
long as it has "Settlers" flag) but to tech). However, implementing it as
effectively boolean effect like we did with irrigation sounds excellent idea.
That would allow us to enable different transformations at different time
(have separate effect / terrain type, and have that terrain type as
requirement - or once I get my user terrain flags implemented you can handle
this as sets of terrains). For full control we could have similar effect for
other transform types (terrain chaging irrigation, terrain chaning mining):
full set of effect types could be "Irrig_Possible" (this we already have),
"Mining_Possible", "Transform_Possible", "Irrig_Transform_Possible",


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