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Follow-up Comment #9:

- When considering value of building caravan, consider ruleset set traderoute
type trade % instead of blindly assuming that intercontinental trade is better
than continental.
- Removed wrapper function aiferry_boats_available() that did nothing but
called aiferry_avail_boats() Call latter directly instead
- Minor style corrections

Still needs to decide what to do with dai_is_unit_tired_waiting_boat(). It's
counting time from caravan's original birth. Old units could not be reassigned
to a mission, as they would give up immediately.

I wonder why there's "if (unit_transported(punit) ||
is_ocean_tile(unit_tile(punit)))" when checking if unit needs a boat. Is the
latter part meant to check if unit can itself move on ocean tiles? (if it's
not transported as first checked, then to exist in ocean tile it must be able
to live there itself - ignoring possibility of ocean cities, native bases, and
native roads) In any case this cannot be right.

(file #16353)

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