Follow-up Comment #11, patch #2963 (project freeciv):

>> It's counting time from caravan's original birth

> This is trying to give some time to the unit to find an
> intercontinental route and a transport to that city.

I see that, but it's only giving time for newly created unit. It's always
counting from unit's birth, there's no way to reset this. If old unit gets
reassigned to create traderoute under AI control, it won't wait single turn
for the boat.

>> if (unit_transported(punit) || is_ocean_tile(unit_tile(punit)))

> it just only checks if the unit is being transported

"Should check", you mean? Obviously it checks if unit is transported OR if
it's in ocean tile. This is true if unit is transported over land, or if unit
is stationed in ocean city for example.


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